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1) Who Can Vote:

Nominations for the HARVEY AWARDS are selected exclusively by comics creators — those who write, draw, ink, letter, color, design, edit and are otherwise involved in a creative capacity in the comics field. Along with nearly 2,000 other comics professionals, you’ll be a vital part in recognizing the most outstanding comics achievements of the year 2003. Your participation in completing a NOMINATING BALLOT will allow the HARVEY committee to give you an opportunity to complete a FINAL BALLOT in April, which will reflect your candidates from the most outstanding comics work of 2002.

As always, these are YOUR awards — please vote!

To request a ballot, please contact Paul McSpadden at


2) What’s Eligible For Nomination:

To be eligible for this year’s awards a title or work must have been published between January 1 and December 31, 2002. In the past, voters have expressed concern regarding the eligibility of a book; that is, was the actual "on sale date" during the required calendar year.

Unfortunately, we have no foolproof listing to use as a reference. However, we have elected to make available a list of comics, books and magazines published for the voting year. This list is provided by Diamond Comic Distributors, compiled from their "on sale" books for the year 2002. The list presented on this site is being provided as a service and resource to the comics’ community–-it is not intended to be an inclusive list of all eligible works and/or professionals, nor as an endorsement of any particular distributor, publisher, title or creator.

We understand that errors may exist and that certain publications may have been distributed through other sources, and not through Diamond. Should you believe that a certain work or professional not on this list may be eligible, we urge you to nominate those you believe worthy. The Harvey Awards Committee will research such nominations to ensure eligibility.

Download Diamond Comics Distributors List

If you are aware of an additional on-line listing of new publications for 2002, please forward that information to

View Titles Published in 2002

Download Diamond Comics Distributors List