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Northampton, MA, March 1, 2001 -- The Harvey Awards Committee is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2001 Harvey Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in comics in 2000. Named after the late comics genius Harvey Kurtzman, the Harveys are one of comics' oldest and most respected awards. They are the only industry awards both nominated and selected by the full body of creative comics professionals.

The nominee list has been compiled by tallying nominating votes from writers, artists, editors, and other professionals involved in the creative aspects of comics. The complete list of this year's Harvey Nominees follows this release and is also available on-line at

The winners of the Harvey Awards will be selected through a Final Ballot mailed to more than 2,000 comics creators and publishers. Final Ballots will be mailed at the beginning of March; in order to be counted, they must be received back by March 30, 2001. Eligible creators who would like to receive a Final Ballot should contact their publishers or the Harvey Awards Committee by e-mail at or call Harveys administrator Paul McSpadden at (972) 690-5491.

For the first time this year, the Final Harvey Awards Ballot will also be available On-Line. Qualified comics professionals may vote either online or with the traditional paper ballot.

Anyone wishing to register to vote online should send an email with your full name, valid email address, and a brief list of your work in comics to The Harvey Awards Committee will supply qualified voters with a password to access the secure voting section of the Harvey Awards website.

This year's Harvey Award recipients will be honored at the 2001 Harvey Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 27 at the Pittsburgh Comicon. The awards themselves will be presented by some of the industry's most respected creators, and many of this year's nominees will be in attendance. The MC for the evening is Evan Dorkin. Frank Miller will be delivering the keynote address. Tables can still be reserved for the awards ceremony and banquet. Limited free seating is also available. For more information about the Harvey Awards Ceremony, please contact Renee George at the Pittsburgh Comicon at (814) 467-4116 or

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Contact Information

For Press Information, contact Chris Bleistein at 413-586-6967 or email

To obtain a Harvey Awards Ballot, contact Paul McSpadden at 972-690-5491 or email

For Awards Ceremony and Convention Information, contact Renee George at 814-467-4116, email, or visit

For General Information, contact Denis Kitchen at 413-586-9844 or email


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