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Pittsburgh, PA, April 29, 2000 – JEFF SMITH, CHRIS WARE, MIKE MIGNOLA, and ALAN MOORE were the big winners at the thirteenth annual HARVEY AWARDS ceremony April 28th, held at the PITTSBURGH COMICON. One of the comic book industry’s longest-running and most prestigious awards, the Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in comics and sequential art. The Harveys are the only industry awards in which both the nominees and the winners are selected by the full body of comics creators.

Jeff Smith, who both writes and draws the comic series "Bone," was honored as the Best Cartoonist for his work in 1999. Mike Mignola was voted Best Artist for "Hellboy: Box Full of Evil," and Alan Moore was recognized as Best Writer for his "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." Chris Ware walked away with six Harveys for "Acme Novelty Library," including Best Cover Artist, Best Series, and Best Single Issue. The full list of winners for the 20 Harvey Award categories, along with all the nominees, can be found on-line at

This year was the first in which the Harvey Awards ceremony was held at the Pittsburgh Comicon, which experienced record attendance over its three days. The ceremony featured several innovations, including a special recognition of the many important cartoonists and comics writers who passed away since the last ceremony. Harvey Awards chairman DENIS KITCHEN and Fantagraphics co-publisher KIM THOMPSON eulogized 20 artists, including GIL KANE, EDWARD GOREY, and CHARLES SCHULZ, against a backdrop of images from their life and work.

The awards are named in honor of HARVEY KURTZMAN. Kurtzman was an industry innovator best known for creating "MAD" magazine in 1952; he is also known for his groundbreaking war comics and the long-running Playboy strip "Little Annie Fanny." Kurtzman is remembered as a brilliant editor who discovered and nurtured a wide array of talent, including ROBERT CRUMB, GILBERT SHELTON, TERRY GILLIAM, and GLORIA STEINEM. Late in life he modestly referred to himself as the "father-in-law of underground comix" in recognition of the reverence in which he was held by generations of cartoonists.

Kurtzman’s pervasive and lasting influence was the subject of the keynote address, delivered by Jeff Smith. EVAN DORKIN, the acerbic wit behind "Milk & Cheese," "Dork," and the Cartoon Network’s "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast," made his debut as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies. The awards themselves were presented by fellow cartoonists, comic writers, and previous Harvey Award winners, including DAVID CAMPITI, SARAH DYER, STEVE LIEBER, SHELDON MOLDOFF, MARTIN NODELL, GEORGE PEREZ, MARK SCHULTZ, and AL WILLIAMSON.

The Harvey Awards were made possible by the generous support of the PITTSBURGH COMICON, DIAMOND COMIC DISTRIBUTORS, and DARK HORSE COMICS.

Special thanks go to MICHAEL and RENEE GEORGE and the entire staff of the Pittsburgh Comicon for all of their hard work and assistance.

Next year’s Harvey Awards will return to the Pittsburgh Comicon on APRIL 27, 2001.

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